Explore the many savings methods to help you keep your car shining like new!

PrimeWash Express Offers

  • FastPass

    is an unlimited monthly wash membership for one vehicle starting at the low price of $19.99 for the Express Wash. This FastPass is a RFID sticker that will be located inside the windshield top left corner out of drivers view. Every time a customer pulls up to the Pay Station the Sticker will be detected by our sensors and open the gate giving them the wash they have on their membership. There is no extra fee charges for initiation or cancellation the date you start it will be the date it will charge to your account the next month. It provides you with unlimited car washes every month!

    * Free towel and air freshener not on monthly plans. Club members are eligible to purchase a Prime Care Kit (microfiber towel, air freshener) for $1.

  • Next Wash

    Buying your next wash saves you money. When you purchase a wash at the pay station you get the option to buy the next wash at a discounted price.

    Next Express for $5
    Next Signature Wash & Shine for $8
    Next Premium Plus Wash for $9
    Next Wax-N-Polish Wash for $14

    these washes are valid for 14 days and they could be used on a different vehicle.

    * You will be given a barcode for your next wash. Please make sure that the barcode is legible and scannable at our pay station on your next visit.

  • Gift Cards Available

    Gift cards available in increments of 50 or 100 $ for any occasion and receive a free premium plus wash at the time of the purchase!!

    *Disclaimer: Gift cards cannot be used to purchase monthly fast pass memberships.